"What I’ve dreamed to do," Lukas Behnken says and then goes on explaining "I’ve always told my parents that I wanted to be an actor and move to Hollywood ’cause I knew they made movies there." In this first episode of our half-hour pilot project Hollywood Road we follow this young emerging actor as he journeys from his hometown in Missouri to embark on his adventures in realizing his hopes and dreams of becoming an actor. Having arrived in Hollywood at age 18, we learn of his successes and struggles to break into the acting scene. It is through his account of events and his new circle of close friends we experience this New World of Lukas. We witness on an intimate level the raw emotions and anxieties of a young talent who is joyfully determined to succeed in his said goals above all his trials and tribulations. Along the way, Lukas takes us on set of his first movie gig and we meet his friends and peers, all eager to make their mark in this uncharted territory of show biz. We become acquainted with his singer/actress girlfriend Holiday and his best friend Ben Crowley, also an actor/model. As we observe Lukas, we cannot help but imagine a rich and bright future for him, even as he encounters copious rejections and struggles to survive.
Hollywood Road was initially conceived and created by Author Karen Bystedt who in her book Before They Were Famous, interviewed and photographed many of today’s biggest actors early on in their careers before they became stars. She then took the idea of making a film about the new talent in Hollywood to Director Hermann Lederle and out of their collaboration the first episode of Hollywood Road was produced.
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